Meet The Wazzoooo's!

JD w- drop shadow.png

JD Flow

JD is a dope emcee, a great singer, and one of the lead vocalists of The Wazzoooo's.

He come from the planet "B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BRAP", and is pumped to be here on earth.

His influences include Run DMC, The Beatles, and Bob Marley.

Molly w- drop shadow.png

Molly Rules

With both a beautiful voice, and the ability shred on the guitar,

Molly is both the lead vocalist and guitar player of The Wazzoooo's.

Her favourite thing about earth is Beyonce and cheesecake.

Ned w- drop shadow.png


Like everyone from the planet !!!, Ned!!! is physically handicapped, but he doesn't let that hold him back.

He is DJ of The Wazzoooo's, and his idols include Dr Dre and Beethoven.

Although he's kind of a quiet guy, Ned!!! loves it loud.

Lemmy w- drop shadow.png

Lemmy Awwoooo

Lemmy slappa da bass for The Wazzoooo's.

Originally from the planet "Fash-onion", she is all about style.

She is the first "Fash-onion-onian" to have a makeup tutorial over 5 million views.

Also, her voice sounds almost identical to James Earl Jones.

Frazzle w- drop shadow.png

Frazzle the Potazzle from Rizzimirrazzle

Frazzle is the drummer, and the backbone of The Wazzoooo's.

Like most drummers he is immature, unreliable, and a total spazz.

His heroes are Tommy Lee and Ozzy.

He makes Mr Doug's life a lot harder than it should be.

Mr Doug 1.png

Mr Doug

Mr Doug is the one in charge. He helps The Wazzoooo's write and produce their music.

He also does their laundry, cooks their meals, drives them everywhere,

builds their websites, writes their bio's, etc etc etc...

He is also just now realizing (as he writes this) that would be best described as the bands mom.

He loves writing silly poems and singing silly songs, all of which you can find here.